Medieval villages, smooth hills and olive
groves; Umbria is a land of ancient charm,
rich in history and art. Among the narrow
streets of Assisi, one of its most beautiful
towns, St Francis gave up wealth
and embraced a life of poverty and prayer.
Since then, our region has been
developing across the centuries while
keeping its humble and discreet soul.
In the heart of Italy, Umbrian craftsmanship
has flourished in various fields, reaching
the most remote corners of the world.
This fertile and artistic land is the birthplace
of Adriano Ragni; in 1964 he founded
a knitting company where he translated
the region’s ancient knitting tradition into
fine and carefully created works that have
been enriching the collections of the most
famous brands in the world for 50 years.
Today, his experience and passion
return to the silence and peace of the
woods and hills of his birthplace; nature,
once again, is the main inspiration for his
own collection. Leaves, trees and flowers
lend their nuances to a collection carefully
designed in every detail. Ancient culture
is the model to look back to; as farmers
and peasants relied on wool to protect
themselves from the cold and the moist
of their lands, Adriano Ragni entrusts
his work to noble animal and vegetal fibres.

The rough and unpretentious beauty of his
land is reflected in his garments; plain
and essential but at the same time
maniacally laboured. This time,
Adriano Ragni blends tradition with
innovation: the collaboration with his son,
Luca Ragni Laurini, designer for
Label Under Construction, cloaks every
piece in an aura of modernity.
Experience and technology walk the same
path. Every detail is individually conceived
blending functionality with elegance;
the result is a collection of small
masterpieces that transform the wisdom
of our humble land into exquisite
and timeless garments.