Adriano Ragni
Adriano Ragni’s career has started
in 1964, when he founded his own
knitwear company. For 50 years,
he has been working as an outside
contractor for the most renowned brands
in the world, acquiring a deep technical
knowledge and high expertise.
Adriano Ragni can count on a complete
set up for working at the whole process
of production of knitted and woven
garments. Beyond his traditional work,
he has recently embarked in a new
project together with his son,
Luca Ragni Laurini, designer for
Label Under Construction: a collaboration
that combines Adriano Ragni’s
experience, knowledge and philosophy
to a contemporary attitude.

Luca Ragni Laurini

Born in a family of knitwear producers,
Luca Ragni Laurini quickly deviates from
the traditional work of his father’s
company to create his own brand,
Label Under Construction.
His projects are characterized by a
profound research and a maniacal attention
to details. The technical expertise inherited
from his family’s business and
enriched thanks to his academic
education allows him to experiment
freely in terms of materials and procedures.
His conceptual and fecund approach
makes his work similar to art.
The collaboration with his father,
Adriano Ragni, to the homonymous line
contaminates the family’s knitting
tradition with an innovative vision.